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5 ways you win

Since you're here, it's likely you're already ahead of your competition, so well done! 'Finding Wins' for you is one of our favourite things to do. So here's 5 we think you will like.

  1. ROI. You're not looking for some expensive high fives, you want to see your revenue grow, your profits increase, and your stress levels come down. 
  2. Connections. Venturing into new areas can be intimidating when you aren't sure who you can trust. Connecting you with the people you need is part of the service. 
  3. Accountability. When you're doing things alone it's easy to put things off. Having someone to hold you accountable can amplify your productivity
  4. Wide Angle. It's hard to take a detailed look at the big picture when you're buried in the fine print of your business.
  5. Support. Running a business can be a lonely process. It's reassuring to know you have someone in your corner. 

Challenge us to find you some more...

Arrange a coffee, or beer.

our business, is your busines


Defining your current position 

and your ideal location 


Finding the opportunities which 

exist for you to progress 


Supporting you to implement the changes you wish to realise

5 things you can bank on

No, we aren't talking about taxes and death. These are some of the things you can expect when you work with us.

  1. Service guarantee. Your investment is safeguarded, and so is your peace of mind. 
  2. You're in focus. Helping your business become the most suitable business for your lifestyle is our number one priority. 
  3. Real time. You'll get dedicated one on one time with a coach, working to perfect your customised plan. 
  4. Honesty and Integrity. You'll never see your competitors as our clients. And if you value honest conversations and calling a spade a spade, you're talking to the right people. 
  5. Exclusivity. As a client, you're part of a very small group. This allows us to dedicate the time required to seeing your business flourish. This is not a cheap call to action, this is how our model works. 

Make a deposit on your future today.

Arrange a coffee, or beer.

What's Being Said About Our Work...

"Martin's ability to work with our team saw projects rolled out smoothly and effectively. Above all, the solutions were practical and worked well for us."  

Brendan - Phil Hunt Parts

"Marty was patient, easy going and very approachable. I found the experience to be of huge benefit and now thanks to Marty I have an efficient and easy to use system."

Kerri-Anne -Occupational Therapist

More Testimonials

your biggest concern

'But what if it doesn't work and I've wasted my money?' You won't have that problem here. 100 days, 100% Money back + $1,000 Cash

People told us coaching was risky. So like all problems, we came up with a way to solve it.

  1. We 100% believe in our ability to add value to your business
  2. We also believe that for the most part, people are honest and decent. 

The offer is very simple. Meet and establish a good fit for both parties, begin coaching, and if, at any time within the first 100 days, you don't believe you're seeing value, call it quits and we will refund your money, 100% of it. No questions asked.

If you also take the time to provide 500+ words of feedback about why, and how we can improve, we'll pay you $1,000 cash! 

No fine print, no catch. It's just how we back our service.

So the only question remaining is to discuss over...

Hot coffee, or cold beer?

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About Us

about orb services

Founded by Marty Lewis and build on the principle that to get ahead, you have to help others do the same. We're carving out out own little path in the world. 


orb services vision

#thefreevaluables No lead magnets, no sign up's required, no funnels, no bullsh#!t. Just some free snippets of information you might find useful along your way. 


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People have been kind enough to write some nice words about the work we've done. You won't find any big banks or major corporations, just every day people, like us.

Service Offering

services provided by orb services

Business coaching is our primary service. As it covers all pain points, we've learnt a thing or two along the way. From marketing to HR, we may be able to offer a solution. 

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Great minds can not 'think alike' on their own

Request a call back

No Obligation. No Cost.

You won't end up on a spam email list, you won't get pestered repeatedly, you won't solve all your problems, you won't get your time back either. You might however, find a few small wins, and they might compound into big wins. So why not pick up the phone or fill in the form. Arrange a drink and see what can be done for you today. 

Orb Services is located in East Brisbane and supports businesses in South East QLD.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best in life, and business.

Orb Services

42 Manilla Street, East Brisbane, Queensland 4169, Australia

07 3435 1515