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complements your skill set, and improves your business.

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Business Planning. Team Building and Leadership. Management Consulting.

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Helping every day business owners get ahead in business, and life.

Getting All of Your Pieces Working Together...

As the individual components of your business improve, 

so too does the most important part…


Team Building and Leadership

Are you getting the best from your team?

Our bespoke training days and programs are built to see your team aligned and contributing in a greater capacity. 
Engage Your Team

Business Planning and Strategy

Do you have a Clear end goal?

An unbiased, helicopter view of your situation can help you solidify and clarify multiple aspects of your business, a plan you'll actually use.
Build Your Game Plan

Management Consulting

Could you use a hand sometimes?

There's work to be done, you know the outcome you're looking to achieve, you want help to make it happen.
Remove your challenges

Business success isn’t about having a plan. It’s about having a plan, 

AND EXECUTING THE PLAN! Your PLAN, to get the results YOU WANT.

I set up Orb Services to provide business consulting on both sides of the coin. 

Based in Brisbane to focus on supporting local owners in a face to face capacity. 

If you could get the answers from a YouTube page, you’d already have it sorted. 

If you’d like some FREEBIES, check out The ToolBox, no emails required. 

what other Owners are saying

Business Consultant Marty Lewis from Orb Services at Desk

You’re an expert at what you do. Technical expertise though, is only one component to running a ‘successful’ business. 

I work with service, medical, and trade professionals to create business performance that matches their technical expertise.

Delivering success on your terms is the objective. The activity in between is all about movement towards your ‘success’. 

Just like success, there isn’t a one size fits all. You know the intricacies of your business and industry. I understand how to close the gaps and fill in the missing pieces. 

Working within your resources, I help you build a practical business plan, and can support you implementing it. Making sure you get the outcomes which are important to you.

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