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As a business consultant committed to getting you great results, Orb Services works on both sides of the coin. Firstly, providing he strategic planning and support to clarify your goals and map a path to making it happen. Secondly, to provide the hands on support you need for the implementation. This is where we work with you, ad your team members, to really get things moving so that your business delivers the outcomes you’re looking for.

There are four core service lines which are outlined below to give you an overview. 

Performance Edge is a 6-12 month program tailoring a combination these services to suit your needs. Helping you make a better impact with your business. To learn more, you can view and and download a capability statement if you prefer. 

1. Business Plans Custom Built for You.

2. Business Process Design, Refine, and Implementation.

3. Team Building and Leadership Workshops.

4. Management Support - A Business Coaching Alternative.

Orb Services Testimonials

Business Consulting Services

Leadership and Team Building

Are you getting the best from your team?

Our bespoke training days and programs are built to see your team aligned and contributing in a greater capacity. 
Engage Your Team

Business Planning and Strategy

Do you have a Clear end goal?

An unbiased, helicopter view of your situation can help you solidify and clarify multiple aspects of your business, a plan you'll actually use.
Build Your Game Plan

Business Process Architecture

Your core business outputs

Building a complete integrated management system for delivering your core business in the smoothest way possible
Remove your challenges

Success in business isn’t about having a plan or an idea. It takes 

EXECUTION to get the idea or plan into action and realise the results YOU WANT.

Being a business consultant therefor, isn’t just about talking about the ideas, it’s about getting them into action. Often, the barrier here is not that you don’t know what needs to be done, but having the time to do it.

That’s why we provide support on both sides of the coin. The thinking, planning, strategy. And the hours you need to get the changes into your day to day operations. 

Marty Lewis and Orb Services

Business Consultant Marty Lewis from Orb Services at Desk

Becoming a business consultant was not without it’s own troubles. Part of the drive was having seen good people be taken advantage of. That’s where consulting without the cons came to light. 

You’re an expert at what you do, but is that enough? Having Technical expertise, is only one component to running a ‘successful’ business. What about all the pieces behind the scenes? 

I work with service, medical, and trade professionals to create business performance that matches their technical expertise.

 This is a business where the back of house is just as impressive as the front of house. Where it’s not just the outcome which is ideal, but the way you make it happen for them.  

Delivering success on your terms is the objective and the activity in between is all about movement towards your ‘success’. 

Just like success, there isn’t a one size fits all. As you know the intricacies of your business and industry, I understand how to close the gaps and fill in the missing pieces, that’s the value. 

Working within your resources, I can help you build a practical business plan, and can support you implementing it. In short, this is how the structure that separates Orb Services and other business consultants. 

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