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Performance edge, Building a business by design and intent

Are you building a turn-key operation that won’t require you at the centre of every decision? 

Do you have a great team but  you know there are missed opportunities to leverage their skills? 

Can you see opportunities to expand, but you’re already juggling more than enough? 

You’re not alone, or crazy, and it’s not impossible. 

I help owners make this happen! 

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Performance edge Structure

The outcomes

Profit margins that make you smile. 

A team you enjoy leading with engaged people who execute their role well. 

A CRM / PM / Accounting / Software suite that make facilitating work simple. 

Smooth operations that produce your financial and production goals. 

Hands on support, on site, for you and your management team to implement changes. 

The stages

Performance Edge is a flexible four stage program with all you need to succeed.

Planning and strategy work to establish tangible goals and outcomes throughout the program. 

Team leadership and engagement so that your team is motivated and engaged from the start. 

Implementation support on site, working with owners, managers, and team leaders to engrain new workflow patterns and realise productivity gains. 

Management support and accountability through OPC’s on a frequency to suit you. 

tHe roll out

A standard objective is to achieve your annual ROI in the first three months. 

The easiest improvements to make are the first ones, so the goal is to find them, and realise them immediately.

Implementation options can be carried out over six or twelve months pending your business and budget.

Establishing a clear plan is the first step and sets the schedule for the remainder of the program.  

Performance Edge Testimonials

Performance edge Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Numbers and people are the heart of your business. There are a couple of factors at play. The role of your accountant / book-keeper and your own financial literacy (don’t sweat, excel scares more people than you might think).

Happy to help as much as I am required so that you can get your hands on the information you need, in a format you understand, at the times when you need it. 

Definitely. Working on site with customers I take an approach as a GM or OM. Working to establish the process, and the best software to track the activities in your business. 

CRM’s, Project Management, Accounting, Time Capture, Inventory. I have worked with a fair range and am confident that if I can’t execute it, I can make sure the brief you hand over gets the actual results you’re looking for. 

Operational Performance Consult.

Think of it like a meeting with your GM or MD. There is a set agenda (tailored to you) with the purpose of ensuring the established plans are being executed. 

It provides and opportunity to discuss, and readjust courses of action based on the ever changing circumstances. 

The frequency of these adjust with the needs of your business. They can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

More than likely, I have a pretty simple criteria:

  1. You have to be a decent human with some morals and integrity
  2. You must run a business
  3. Optional Extra: your business is built on the back of your personal expertise, tradie, lawyer, chiro… the commonalities are surprisingly large

The principles of running a successful business are the same. I do find the three sectors I spend the most time with are Trades, Professional Services, and Health Services. Whilst I do work with hospitality, production, and product based businesses, the bulk of my clients trade money for skills. 

There isn’t a black and white rule on this. If you feel like you’ve hit a bit of a ceiling, chances are I can help. Whether you have become the central source for any and all enquiries, or you’re turning down work because you’re flat out, I can help. 

Businesses usually have 5-10 staff with a mix of revenue generators and back of house facilitators. 

If you’re starting out, check out the Business Plan page, this could be the kick start you’re looking for. 

Performance Edge is a personal program. As such all of the activities from planning to OPC’s, are facilitated with just you. 

Your business is complex, it deserves my full attention. 

I host social events, and where appropriate, make introductions for clients if finding peer to peer learning scenarios is a priority for you. 

Pending the implementation schedule costs usually range from $900 – $1500 per month over the duration. 


It all starts with a conversation.

There are links on this page titled : Let’s discuss making this happen! Click them. 

Alternatively, you can give me a call on 07 3435 1515 or email 

I don’t lock people into contracts, results keep clients, not contracts. 

Program + roll out + costing is established and agreed upon. 

You pay as you go, and can opt out without penalty any time you feel like you’re not seeing value for money 

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